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…..and they can use the improved commuter facilities and new stations on mainline rail. Why waste money duplicating…?

The new train station in Blarney will be on the site of the old one on Station Road. This will be surrounded by new developments of housing in future years.

But, as a native of Blarney, most of the existing population live in the village (over a mile) or in the Tower area (over 2 miles, probably three).

Take two possible scenarios:

1. Commuter: Blarney resident travelling to work/college in Cork. Driving at rush hour still only takes 30-40 mins to city centre, UCC, CIT. Alternative would be to slog up station Rd by foot (20 mins min) or car (5 mins), take train to Kent station (20 mins including wait time), then get from Kent station to wherever they’re going – 10/15 mins city centre, 30 mins UCC, 40 mins CUH, 45 mins CIT.

2. Tourist: Most tourists visiting Blarney currently arrive by coach or in a rental car. If we assume public transport is used by those staying in the city, the current main option is to take the bus from the city centre (bus station or Lavitts quay), which takes 20 mins, stops in the middle of Blarney village (and at a few other stops near major housing) and costs around 6 euro return (not sure of this, correct me if I’m wrong).
Taking the train would involve walking or getting a bus to Kent station (15 mins from city centre, 25 mins from Jurys, western rd B&Bs etc), taking train to Blarney (20 mins), then making their way from station to village/castle – a half hour walk unless some kind of shuttle bus was operating.

I know there are ways to make it work better but I just can’t see any of the existing population using the service from the proposed location unless the park & ride is free or they happen to be working within a 5 minute walk of Kent station (which is unlikely if the docklands is developed as mid-density residential).

The Muskerry rail line closed in the 30s I think, the station was located in the heart of Blarney village, beside the current entry to Blarney castle. The old station is now a gift shop beside the former post office. The train was infamously slow, and ran via Donoughmore and Coachford I think. Never the less, 70 years ago one could take a train from the centre of Blarney village to the site where Jurys Hotel now stands on Western Rd, 5 mins from the city centre and UCC.

I’m not advocating the reopening of this exact line, but I would suggest the following as a possible alternative or complement to the proposed new Blarney commuter station:
Light rail/tram, with the following route and stations:
City terminus: Emmet Place or Leitrim St
— Hegarty (or is it Howard?) or Ladys Well brewery could potentially sell up their sites to make way for a much larger commuter rail hub.
Stops at:
Ladys Well
Leitrim St
Watercourse Rd (Blackpool village)
Blackpool Shopping Centre
Commons Rd / Parklands
Blarney East (close to BFS, school, shops, station rd)
Blarney Centre (servicing village centre, castle, hotels etc)

Here’s just a few possibilities:,-8.516464&spn=0.082372,0.2314&t=h&z=12&om=1&msid=100307207241949948570.0000011288ee7249cfd7b

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