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From this morning’s quondam Cokr Examiner:

11 May 2007

Able-bodied people also have difficulties at airport

I WRITE in response to Donie O’Leary’s letter regarding Cork Airport (Irish Examiner, May 7).

He makes his point in relation to wheelchair users’ ability to use the new airport.

The approximate percentage of people with disabilities is between 9% and 15%, depending on the level of severity of disability included — but my point is that one does not need to be disabled to have difficulty using Cork Airport.

As a mother who travelled with three children, one of whom was in a buggy, I encountered similar problems.

After disembarking from the plane, I had to wait at the bottom of the steps for my buggy. I then had to, as Mary did, get to the terminal but first had to stand outside in the rain as the lobby is not big enough to hold all the passengers.

The lift was not accessible at this point, due to the crowds. I then could have faced two storeys of steep steps if the lift had been unavailable or out of order.

Approximately 5% of the population are under 14 and 17% are over 65. Of the 78% remaining, around 50% are women, some of whom will be pregnant. The range of limitations at the airport for non-disabled people is wide and varied, although not as difficult as those experienced by Mary in Mr O’Leary’s letter.

Cork Airport fails to cater for all its citizens equally.

Linda Horgan
9 Court Cairn
Model Farm Rd

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