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@THE_Chris wrote:

Bus trams are a farce, screw them,

20 extra buses isnt that much. Its a START, thats all.

This smacks of electioneering, who funded this at this wonderfully opportune time?

Why are they a farce? Is a light rail service economically viable for Cork? I know it’s technically possible but will the service have enough daily demand to dictate that fares will remain low and thus that people will use the service? If i’m not mistaken a light rail system costs in the region of €1 million per km. of track…is Cork big enough to justifly this level of capital expenditure?

Will demand be high enough for a light rail system that goes from Mahon Point to CIT? The bulk of students live within walking / cycling distance of both UCC and CIT and Mahon Point doesn’t attract the level of shoppers that it hoped it would? People also seem to be working in either the Harbour area or Airport Business Park, where all the high-end jobs in Cork seem to be locating.

I’m not arguing against light rail for Cork, all i’m looking for is arguments which justify the system?

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