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dave123 wrote:
Not an opinion, but fact.

Cork has got enough investment in infrastructure in this government, comparing to other regions.

Wouldn’t disagree with this e-mail save for the one obvious “region” not mentioned being our nation’s capital. I know its vastly bigger than other regions but still, pro rata, it cleans up financially. For every €1 spent in Dublin there’s probably (complete guesswork here) 8c spent in Cork, 6c in Limerick and Galway and 4c in Waterford. The Dublin metropolitan region is about 4/5 times bigger than Cork Metro region (ca. 1.25m v 250,000) but it certainly gets more than 4/5 times the funding. As far as I can see, given its spread-out nature, rural Ireland (of necessity?) also gets more money per person thus leaving the regional cities as piggy in the middle. I know the Airport Debt is a hoary ol’ chestnut at this stage but I thought it summed up the situation perfectly that on a day when the Gov announced it couldn’t come up with €100m to pay off the remaining debt it proceeded to spend €600m buying the toll bridge in Dublin (without anyone really campaigning for them to do so – not sure anyone actually benefits from it).

Whether Cork does better than other regional cities, I genuinely don’t know but its much of a muchness. If we did “future proofing” in this country as someone suggested above there’d certainly be light rail in Cork and to a lesser degree in Limerick and Galway, proper links to Shannon and Cork airports, dual carriageway / motorway from Cork to Galway, proper municipal sports stadiums in Waterford, Galway, Limerick and Cork, a university in Waterford, rail from Cork to Galway (without passing through Portarlington!), clean water in Galway, etc.

Some chance at present.

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