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Today’s Cork Independent really sums up the Cork Airport issue;

THERE was something rather pathetic in the response of the Cork Airport Authority to its crippling 100 million euro debt.
Instead of resigning in protest, me what did they do?
They called in a firm of consultants to give them “an overview”. At a cost of more millions! What a cop-out!
The added-on cost of the new terminal was the ball-cruncher, so they said, but, if they thought it outrageous and unfair, why didn’t they pack their bags and with a glorious flourish, tell the gang in Dublin to get stuffed, was it politics that kept them quiet?
Bringing in consultants smacks of a FF wheeze to get the controversy off the front pages and past the election date. After that, who’ll give a tinkers about the debt except the ripped-off traveling punter?
The government appointed Board is made up an interesting bunch of people. It includes a stainless steel manufacturer, a travel agent, a philanthropist, a brewer, and a fish exporter.

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