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He also called to my door about 2 months ago looking for a vote in the next election.I told him I thought his involvement with the “Comminities for sustainable development” would make that impossible for me as I thought that an amateur organisation of cranks ( Not Cork City Council B.T.W. ) should have any say in planning policy…….he stared blankly at me for 5 seconds……….and asked me would I consider voting for him !

He is a dolt of the highest order up there with Martin Cullen & Dick Roche.

I can see the Election Posters now “Jerry Buttimer –

No Urban Sprawl -No High Rise

Down with this sort of thing.[/align]

Bring back the very capable Simon Coveney he is someone who would be very welcome at cabinet level.

These last few posts highlight the urban rural divide more than any other in planning terms. Over the wall imn Kerry the Healy Rae school of cute hoorism dictates that to be pro all development wins votes. This Cllr appears to believe that being against all development is considered to be a viable route to power.

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