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:rolleyes: That purveyor of the finest “SNAKE OIL” in the South, Cllr Jerryboy Buttimer (Dail hopeful) is quoted in the Irish Examiner today in relation to the towing of an illegally parked car on a footpath saying, he was “horrified” at the incident. …“This is draconian. We are trying to create a friendly city and this sends of the wrong message. We have to give people a period of grace,” he said.

And in the same edition he is quoted on the rerouting of the number 10 bus service;
“There should be no reduction in this service,” he said. “We should be encouraging people to use public transport, not discouraging them.”

The same genius voted for the Cllr.David McCarthy (FF) / CSD housing height cap of 3 storeys (due to the CSD crowd in the public gallery on the night of the vote) AND now complains about urban sprawl.

The sooner this idiot is elected to the Dail where he will be less of a danger to Cork’s residents the better.

As the Steve Earle song “Snake Oil” says;
“If you ain’t impressed yet, just tell me what you wanna hear”

Good old Jerry, a man for all seasons!!:o

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