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@Praxiteles wrote:

Is this an accident or another example of the brain-power employed in the design of the new terminal?

I’m not sure. Historically, Cork has only accepted wide-bodies for the occasional charter flight, so it may have been deemed unnecessary. Shifting the whole development 20m to the north could have allowed at least one of the (potential) airbridges to be available for widebodies. It does seem to show tremendous lack of foresight, because it’s a quite difficult problem to rectify afterwards.

@mickeydocs wrote:

I’m amazed that this line doesn’t stop at connolly… who exactly is it supposed to serve?

There’s no platform space at Connolly and no room to build any more. It’s worth remembering that it’s a temporary station that’s in place until the interconnector gets built. At that point, there should be two lines in Dublin – Drogheda-Kildare (via Docklands) and Maynooth-Bray (via Connolly).

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