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Ryanair are actually cutting flights on Cork-Dublin in the winter, while Aer Arann and Irish Rail are increasing frequency..

There is no point in flying to Cork if you live/work on the southside of Dublin. Ryanair know that, which is why they are pulling back, they obviously have profiled their customers. In the mornings allow 90 minutes to drive from southside to airport/parking (thro’ town, avoiding the M50) allow another 60 minutes check-in before departure (to prevent “bumping”) then add 30 minutes flight time, another 45 minutes to negotiate the exit, the infamous roundabout and the Cork traffic. Total – 3 hours 45mins. minimum. You’d drive it nearly as quick. The train is better, marginally, and one can work.
Aer Arann is a disgrace, its timekeeping and cancellation rate are atrocious (to Kerry at any rate, wouldn’t use them for Cork) and it has now opted for unlimited company status to prevent the public from seeing the HUGE subsidies it gets from the taxpayer.

The financial rating agencies are watching DAA, fully prepared with pens sharpened to downgrade their ratings if the debt ratios are not right. DAA are fully aware of this, hence the posturing over debt / asset transfer and the sale of the GSH. Shannon is a dinosaur, overstaffed, overweight,. If people wanted to use it they would. Excluding the troop movements, Kerry – and even Knock – often have more traffice due to charters.
Ar bhfaca tu mo bhicycle?

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