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bosco wrote:
in the past 2 or three years Aer Lingus have doubled their capacity out of Cork and have started a load of new routes to new destinations — where they use airports acually located where you want to go ]

So one airline like aerlingus is opening up more routes – so what – isnt that what they are supposed to do? and why not have more? dont recall many of my friends flying direct from cork to ski resorts this winter. And why are other airlines dropping off? the highest profile new route recently was announced today. To Cornwall. Knock gets America.

Despite the rant I see your point. I think the new terminal is average, could have been a whole lot better.

As for the trams, I completely and utterly agree with all your points. It looked like a long bus to me. Why not have double deckers then? Cork needs a transport authority, But you have M Cullen in charge of transport and on the same day as saying he will pay 600m for the westlink toll bridge he says its reasonable to stick 100m on the bill for the airport. For fear of the moderator I cant express what I think of him. He is quoted in the Examiner as saying Cork getting stuck with €100m debt is “the sale of the century”. And then turned around and gave his home aiport in waterford €22m to develop it.

I visit Berlin a lot and Cork is 3rd world transport. Lack of buses, no nightlinks, lack of frequency, no dedicated lanes (REAL ones anyway, the Grange Green route is always rolled out until you point out that the bus gets full in Frankfield and then zips down the green route on the hill only to drive into the highly congested Douglas traffic).

Manor Park homes application for 200 apartments is due for a decision this friday so I vote it should be ruled premature pending redevelopment of Kent station and integration of the bus office.

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