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@vkid wrote:

But I still don’t really see why they should pay for all of CA’s debts.

Because Seamus Brennan and then the Taoisaeach of the country said that we wouldnt need to pay for it. And if the DAA over run a project costs wise i.e. Cork Airport, then thats their problem, as you say, a business should be liable for its premises, the DAA built it so let them be liable

From Chamber of Commerce
“there were recent newspaper advertisements by Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) offering 10 acres of land, valued at up to €30 million, at Cork airport for sale without the support of Cork Airport Authority. What logic does this land sale serve apart from attempting to asset strip Cork Airport prior to a hand over?”

I think its a resigning matter for the Taoiseach to be honest.

Martin Cullen promised 21 million for kent station in 2005, instead we are getting canopies like the bus station over the entrance. The whole point was that the bus station would go INTO kent station. in the meantime CIE had the audacity to apply for 200 apartments and a 24 storey building right next door at Horgans Quay. Should be ruled premature pending redevelopment of Kent station. Somebody should point out to CIE as well that it took 18 months for a 17 storey application, in an almost ADJACENT site to CIE’s application, to be refused.

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