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@Torquemada wrote:

Likewise,here’s one more lost FF voter.The PDs are as bad and share in the culpability here also.FF’s watchdog?More like lapdog..

😡 The lying politicians are not the only ones to blame on the Cork Airport dept.
The board of CAA should be seen to be independent, get up off their backsides and START doing what they get well paid for;
Attracting new airlines and routes to Cork (not just once in a blue moon flights to Azerbywherever)
Expose those that are out to hold Cork back instead of lunching with them in the most expensive hotels in the city.
Loose their fear of Ryanair exposing their lack of Airport know how and allow M.O’Leary use the old terminal as a hub.

😮 The PD that nobody elected, Sen.John Minihan was on radio today, he is “furious, but not for resigning on the matter”, kind of says it all really?

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