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vkid, answer me this, if the daa wasn’t to pay for the debt why then was it given, in toto, the Great Southern Chain and Aer Rianta international? How come Cork & Shannon didn’t get 1/3 of those? In any event the project over ran from€140m to €220m. Who was supposedly surpervising the project at the time? The DAA of course. My good sources inCAA tell me they have run Cork airport into the ground for thelast 2 yrs vetoing any decent proposal – as of course you’d expect the to because they are the competition!

That is even before you recall that the DAA and Shannon got their airport upgrades through the purse strings of Aer Rianta, a state body with tax money from everywhere, inc Cork, funding those upgrades. We should have been upgraded 20 yrs earlier but the delay in giving us an upgrade is being used to justify us having to pay for it!

Don’t get me wrong, the question you ask is valid (this isn’t a begging bowl issue I promise) but so are the answers to it. I think the government has no idea of the strength of feeling about this here. The promise (and I know – politicians break these all of the time) is being seen as a bell wether of whether this gov could give a flying f**k about Cork (we already had our doubts). The answer is a resounding no.

The DAA also tried to sell a large landbank belonging to Shannon as well before they were stopped in their tracks and there are still major issues with the DAA’s treatment of Shannon , They also vetoed a huge cargo proposal there some years ago. Its not all roesy there either and the DAA are playing dirty with many areas of that airport.
But I still don’t really see why they should pay for all of CA’s debts. If CA is to really stand alone it should be liable for some of the cost of the Airport ( the same as any business would be liable for its premises).

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