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And from this morning’s quondam Cork Examiner:

01 February 2007

Flight change proves costly for passengers

I HAVE never been happy with Aer Lingus’ decision to stop operating the Dublin-Cork route as this makes travelling to and from Cork so much more difficult.

The airline’s decision to change its flight schedule from Düsseldorf to Dublin makes is virtually impossible to catch the latest Aer Arann flight from Dublin to Cork. Arriving in Dublin at 21:50 — 20 minutes later than before — makes it impossible to catch the 22:30 Aer Arann flight to Cork.

Since the price war only targets the budget traveller, the business passenger is completely left behind. It was the latter who paid airline profits before low-cost airlines arrived. Business people paid astronomical rates for flights, thus allowing the airlines to offer reasonable rates to leisure travellers.

Now we are faced with having to spend three days abroad for a one-day trip to Germany because of the lack of coordinated flight schedules. This is a disgrace. I hope Aer Lingus will reconsider its policy and accommodate those who cannot afford to spend hours, or even nights, at an airport just because they missed the last flight.

Stiofán Schmeitz

Finisk Bridge


Co Cork.

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