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@A-ha wrote:

It would be money better spent I agree. Where would they be getting the money from in the first place? I believe there is still the matter of who’s going to pay the €200 million.

I may be wrong on this, but I think the control tower would be financed by the IAA rather than the airport

@Praxiteles wrote:

Is there any chance of someone at Cork Airport figuring out how to use the airbridges so that unfortunate passengers can disembrak from or board a plane without having to climb or descend five flights of stairs?

Those idle air bridges standing uselessly there on the apron remind me of certain countries in the farther reaches of the Limpopo that built frost-free highways!!

Airbridge. There’s only one there, the others are just the stumps of airbridges.

At the moment Centralwings and Malev are using it. Aer Lingus are in dispute with the airport over the cost. Most of the other airlines either can’t use it (e.g. Aer Arann) or won’t use it regardless of the cost (e.g. Ryanair).

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