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Swansea-Cork ferry service closes – from

January 08, 2007 18:39
Thirty staff are being made redundant in the Swansea-Cork Ferry company, after the company was unable to find a replacement for the ferry it sold last October.

Tourist and shipping interests have called for Government intervention to prevent the closure of the Swansea Cork Ferry Service which was estimated to be worth €35m to the tourist economy in the South.

The ferry company failed to obtain a more modern vessel to operate the service this year, after it sold the 35-year-old ship it had been operating last October.

A €30m deal for a ship fell through before Christmas and the company says it has been unable to buy or charter a ferry so there will be no service from Cork to Swansea this year.

Its annual operations were from March to January.

The International Transport Federation called on the Ministers for Marine and Transport to intervene to prevent the loss of the service, which has carried three million passengers over recent years.

Interesting….. Not news as this was a strong rumour around the harbour last Oct , that a replacement was not being sought and that it was to close….

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