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I just have a couple of points to address since I last saw this

Firstly, river buses… I agree that the idea of a river bus to Blackrock is dubious in terms of its viability. I’d be more interested in seeing a proposal related to the lower harbour. Given the population of Cobh and the number of jobs in Ringaskiddy, that could be a viable link. If consideration was being given to properly integrating public transport, it could also be used to link various lower harbour villages to the Cork-Cobh railway line.

As for the airport… The idea of a central airport with everyone having great transport links to it is nice in theory, but here’s what happens in practice. That airport gets a monopoly. It doesn’t worry about what it charges the airlines or about the level of passenger service it provides. Rather than providing an increased choice of routes, airlines gradually leave because of landing charges, I think we’ve seen that state monopolies are not the best at providing efficient or good service to the customer.

Furthermore, it’s great to talk about the link that Cork would get to the airport, but it would leave West Cork and South Kerry over three hours drive from Shannon and with no effective public transport option. That is the country’s premier tourist region after Dublin and it would effectively cut it off from international access. Cork Airport is not merely used by people from Cork City, but is the main airport for people from Mizen Head to the River Suir.

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