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samuel j

@jungle wrote:

I was under the impression that the Harbour had a very slow speed limit?

At the moment just a few areas have an actual speed limit which is 6 knots

6 knots from Blackrock Castle to City – I understand this is primarily as a safety measure as many rowing gigs
can be / are in this area and ships/tugs would create a large wash endangering small craft.
However in the case of high speed craft of say waterbus design, they do not necessarily create a wash that
causes such a comparbale danger. It is very much down to the design of the waterbus and/or its propulsion system. There are many semi-planing craft that actually make worse wash when staying below 6 knots as they are inclined to dig their sterns in at low speeds and create drag/large wash.

So if done correctly tand with co-operation of the respective authorities, there is no reason, why a vessel of the right design could not be exempt for the 6 knot Blackrock-City limit without endangering small craft.
Look at Hamburg, Rotterdam, London, New York, Syndey….. they all have viable systems in place.

Just in case anyone is interested the only other two areas of the hardbour that have a 6 knots limit
are entrance to Crosshaven and upriver of same and Marlogue Point/East Ferry and upriver to roughly Bagwell Hill.

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