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You’ll also find that there are very few post-security seats as well. Overall I find the design to be poorly thought out and executed. Take your typical Sunday night where a very high number of flights depart around the same time, or any weekday morning and the departures lounge areas are quite congested.

Angry Rebel is quite correct – there is practically no seating after security and after DUTY_FREE. The lay out resembles Terminal 2D at Charles de Gaule except that it is smaller, more cramped and impossible to form an orederly boarding line. If the the lack of seating before security is to encourage people not to “hang-out” I am wonderning whether the the lack of seating after security is not to encourage travellers to “hang-in” at the DUTY FREE?

As for arrivals, it should not have been too hard to spend a few bob just to let people know that the lift has been heard of in the environs of Cork!

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