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samuel j

@jungle wrote:

Although the location doesn’t help, the major problem in Cork is that it only has CAT II ILS, while Dublin and Shannon have CAT III ILS.

Mind you, a further problem is that a number of airlines don’t have either aircraft or equipment to support CAT II. Compare Aer Lingus’ and Ryanair’s low diversion rate to those of Aer Arann and BMI Baby.

You are correct, you have prevailing SW winds which crosswinds on the main runway. Not the end of the world but just that bit more difficult. pal of my a comm pilot… hates the place… interestingly he say in bad conditions where he would be expected to land many charter flight with pilots there for perhaps first time will say feck it and head to shannon.

Category 2 instrument landing system… does not help…Can anyone recall the old yarn that Cork aiport was originally planned for the midleton area but never got there….. there used to be scurroulous rumours about some man called Haughey involvement…

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