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The idea that the new airport is in some way worse than the old one is a nonsense. People don’t seem to have noticed the improvements – no more queueing in the rain for immigration for example.

I can’t say that I have any real issues about the covered walkway between the car park and the airport. Most airports don’t even provide that.

However, some points are real. The trolleys are a disgrace. There aren’t enough and they are unremovable. Surely, this is somewhere to look for a bit of corporate sponsorship to replace them – you buy us a new trolley and we give you 5 years advertising on them.

There’s also the issue of the airbridges/covered walkway. A covered walkway should have been provided along the apron. Some aircraft (e.g. Aer Arann) will never be able to pull up to an airbridge and the cost would have been marginal in the context of the overall project (I would argue that cuts should have been made elsewhere to fund it). The sole airbridge still isn’t in use. As I understand it some of the airlines that use the airport have expressed an interest in using it and haven’t been able to. That situation needs to be rectified quickly.

As for the seats… It is my understanding that this was a deliberate policy to encourage passengers to pass through security as quickly as possible to where there are seats available on the other side. The idea is that arriving passengers don’t need them and that departing passengers should go through as soon as they’ve checked in. It should encourage the smooth running of the airport.

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