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Another item of customer feed-back from to-day’s quondam Cork Examiner in relation to Cork airport:

14 October 2006

False impression

MY Cork airport experience recently has prompted me to add to the letters I’ve read in the Irish Examiner recently.

At first glance, the new terminal looks like an excellent piece of work.

Unfortunately, that impression quickly fades.

The baggage trolley I used was rusty and stiff and clearly past its best. All others I tried were as bad.

My taxi-driver bad-mouthed the airport and its political standing.

And there’s the long walk to the aircraft. I am in good physical condition, but I would not relish the prospect of doing a 440-yard dash in wet and windy conditions.

Cork is a gem and has much going for it. But to get there one has to use its airport. It’s a pity it has failed to use this unique opportunity to enhance the city.

Roger Damont
The Causeway
West Sussex BN99 6DA

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