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The county council and the urban councils are nothing more than talking shops and tax generating vehicles. Boundaries are out of date and they are in no rush to change them and councillors are more worried about their pension entitlements than actually doing their job. They talk and scream about what the authorities should be doing and somehow forget that they are the ones who are empowered to do exactly that. Witness the recent Dartmouth Square like carry on in Mallow. Instead of doing their job years ago and securing the site, the councillors and officials are blaming Cromwell and suggesting we rise up in rebellion! Local government is an embarassment these days. And since this is a transport thread, why are so many roads in County Cork still using tar and chip surfacing? And what, praytell, is the logic of throwing lumps of tarmacadam into potholes full of water, only for the pothole to rise phoenix-like within a week. We should be world experts on potholes by now but we never seem to learn. Thankfully the national roads have improved, but Cork’s secondary roads are still pretty dire.

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