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Continuing the Cork Airport saga, this letter appeared in to-day’s electronic version of the quondam Cork Examiner. This week, the excuse is that three planes landed at the same time. I cannot explain the date:ù

10 April 2006

Wet, walk and wait: airport a big letdown

CORK airport may be one of the newest in the world, but it must also rank as one of the worst.

On a recent flight from Madrid via Dublin, I landed in Cork in the rain. I had to walk about 200m, climb two flights of stairs (in crutches!) and wait over 40 minutes for baggage.

This was due to three planes landing at the same time, a floor staff member explained.

At the new airport in Madrid, there were no queues and there were landing bridges to all planes, regardless of how many arrived at the same time. There were escalators and even trains that ran from landing bridge to the exit terminal — all in five minutes — and our baggage was there before we arrived.

Was there no real planning for Cork airport, or did the Dublin Airport Authority win out on this issue?

Gerard Manley
13 Amberly Heights

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