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I drove the M8 yesterday and was frankly not impressed. First problem is that signeage is shocking and its impossible to tell who goes where. There will be accidents as drivers unfamiliar with the layout will cross lanes in an attempt to get to the correct booths.
Rolling up to the “exact change” barrier, with exact change ready(while on my motorcycle) comes the first problem. The “exact change” barriers are only for cars.
Barrier fails to open until I pay my remaining 70c(Not bloody likely) so I wait and watch the q build up behind me. German engineer type comes over and explains that barrier is for class 1 vehicle only, Not class 2.

I never new there was a class system in motoring. How do I become upper class? Who is lower class?

Another yellow jacketed individual pushes barrier open for me and i speed off(to the sound of the “tilt” alarm going off on the barriers, but you can push them 😉 )
Motorway is nice, but just two lanes, and little room for expanding, should the need arise, particularly in the region of Dr Barrys Bridge, where the road is cut through the hillside. On my travels I noticed on occasion the old N8, still full of the many articulated trucks that will divert through Watergrasshill to avoid paying the toll.

The central reservation has those concrete wall type barriers, and no “run off”, apart from at the other off ramps along the way.
The ending is confusing, as rather than merging two lanes into one at Moorepark, the inner lane gets fed up the slip road to one roundabout, while the outside lane gets fed up the offramp against traffic entering the motorway.
I made the return leg, noticing that there may be crosswinds for high vehicles on the Blackwater bridge.
After my experience with the toll booth on the outward leg, on my return I joined the q behind all the trucks,buses and other lower class vehicles that would not fit through the height controlled “exact change” booths. This single q also includes those seeking reciepts, and thosw who wish to pay by cheque or from their loose change jar.
5 minutes waiting at toll.
Sure it beats waiting in Fermoy traffic, but its not very encouraging. High speed motorway=hot engine. Waiting in a stationery vehicle with a hot engine is not good for the cooling system of ones vehicle.

Good effort, but needs much improvement.

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