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QBC is the only way to go in the short term but realistically an Airport of that size should have at least a light rail connection to the CC

New intercity rail fleet launched

10 July 2006 12:06
The new intercity rail fleet to run between Cork and Dublin has been launched by the Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen, with the promise of an hourly train service between the two cities from December next.

In all, 67 new carriages will see a capacity increase of over 80%, or 16,000 seats, available to customers every day.

The intercity trains were built in Spain and will replace 20-year-old rail stock.


The purchase of 217 carriages at a cost of €440 million will mean the transformation of the fleet from being the oldest in western Europe to the newest.

The renewal programme is funded by the Government under Transport 21 and will be completed by 2008.

An additional 150 intercity rail cars at a cost of €322 million will be delivered by companies in Japan and Korea.

These will come on track over the next two years and will serve routes from Dublin to Mayo, Galway, Limerick, Kerry, Sligo, Rosslare and Waterford.

How many times can one announce the same thing as new and exiting?

Maybe e-voting was pulled because the button kept repeating?

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