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@Spinal Tap wrote:

Ryanair are an Airline and do not build or manage airports.

Not at the moment. But they have plans to build and operate their own terminals in airports across Europe (including Dublin) in a bid to lower taxes and charges. They already have a large stake in Frankfurt-Hahn airport, which is how they managed to reduce taxes on that route substantially without getting into trouble with the European Union, which is what happened/is happening in Charleroi and Shannon. Oh and before I forget, bmiBaby have ceased all operations at Durham Tees Valley Airport and thereby ending the route to Cork. If anyone’s wondering, I think the nearest alternative is Newcastle with Jet2.

@Praxiteles wrote:

Why spend millions of taxpayers’ money on a new motorway and then effectively scupper it by interrupting the flow of traffic with a roundabout in the middle.

I think the bigger question is why spend millions of taxpayers’ money, only to put a toll on the road? lol. I suppose we are lucky that the tunnel was never tolled though….. can you imagine it?

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