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@Angry Rebel wrote:

Does that mean that the City Council will provide the service or that they think it’s a good idea and that someone else should provide it?

I don’t see the need for it to be honest. The No 2 bus goes along the same route, and will do so faster. A ferry/taxi is restricted to 6 knots from Blackrock Castle up to the city centre. (Unless the operator can do some very fancy footwork with the Port of Cork). [6 knots = 7 mph!]

I think it’s all up in the air at the moment on who would provide the service Angry Rebel.
On the No 2 bus, the recent vote on the Blackrock Area Plan saw councillors from the area force city management to remove the “Green bus route” along the marina. Is this the No 2 route?, if so maybe the river would be a faster route rather then being stuck in traffic on a bus?

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