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Developments in Cork

Am closing this thread….. mega threads like this are too unweildy

for future reference i’d like separate threads per area… ie a cork docklands, cork ring road, patricks street etc

over time i’ll split this thread and its predesscor into pieces

Hello Paul, you state that the discussion forum for Ireland is having an IT-Problem due heavy traffic on popular general threads. I share the same views stated on the Cork thread against fragmenting a general thread. A solution might be found by sub-dividing the Ireland discussion forum into regions such as South, Mid-West, Dublin etc, etc. Within these regions only specific threads should prevail like Docklands, Shopping-Centers, ……….?

Is this possible? There some 2800 threads dealing with Ireland! use the same software (Powered by vBulletin) as Archiseek and they use regions to organize their threads.

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