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a boyle

@A-ha wrote:

He is on about Dublin Metropolis….. didn’t you hear daniel, it’s bigger than Tokyo, London, New York and Paris combined. :rolleyes:

this whole population thing is pathetic.

the cso figures are.
dublin city : 505,739
cork city : 119,143
galway city : 71,983
limerick city: 52,560

dublin in at least four times bigger than cork which is one and half times the size of galway which is one and half time the size of limerick.

Each city can push it’s boundaries out and come up with a bigger number .

if you do that with dublin you get 1,186,159 living in dublin county. tops a million people are living in a surburb which is contiguous with dublin ,

as for the other cities it is difficult to say since the urbanisation is so recent.

but cork could believably claim to 200000 galway 100000 and limerick 750000.

Just so we know where we stand.

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