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a boyle

@Micko wrote:

Again, it looks as if the NRA are not going to use 2+1 after all due to safety issues. A lot of reported crashes where the end of 2nd lane comes up. People trying to get past others before the lane ends and then crash into the barrier before making it.

BTW, as I have pointed out already, in very heavy traffic, 2+1 is a worse setup than single carriageway. This is due to the fact that every 4 miles you will have 2 lanes converging into 1. This would be traffic chaos. This is reportedly another reason why the NRA has scraped the idea of using 2+1.

1 don’t build the barrier.
2 BTW in very heavy traffic this makes no sense.

3 jungle is spot on , future proofing does not require building the road now but keeping the option open for the future.

4. commuter traffic at the edges of both cities takes up all the extra space on the dual carriageways heading into each city. So there is no , repeat no point in building a dualcarriage way between cashel and portaoise until you are able to upgrade the portlaoise dublin section to a 4 lane motorway , and dublin’s m50 to a min six lane motorway, and cork’s ring road to a four lane ring road.

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