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@THE_Chris wrote:

and maybe those dedicated bus lanes wouldnt be full of wankers who park in it a la McCurtain street.

All cars that park in bus lanes should be towed.

The problem is that they are allowed to. The city’s bus lanes only operate for a few hours a day.

However, I would have expected that all bus lanes would be clearways for the hours that they are not operating as bus lanes.

We also have a problem of lack of continuity at bus lanes. Effectively, the current bus lanes were put in to guide buses around the worst traffic blackspots. But there were many other places on the so called green routes that they could have been introduced. Summerhill South is broad enough to accommodate inbound and outbound bus lanes. It’s on the Number 6 green route and is also used by the Number 3 and airport buses as well as buses accessing the Capwell Bus Depot. You’d have to ask why it wasn’t included in the places where bus lanes were put in place.

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