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@a boyle wrote:

that is exactly why i butted into this thread. you cant have it all . not now anyway. over twenty/thirty years sure.

That is why you need to step back look at what you have built , see what impact it has had , and decide what to do next.

Thats partly what I was saying though. I wouldnt build the north ring, bit of a waste IMO, but I’d invest in light rail.

Those roundabouts have to be sorted though. Sarsfield, Bandon Rd and Dunkettle all have to be fixed, no matter what way you look at it.

Sure, they should have been built right in the first place, but this is Ireland.

Light rail is VERY expensive though. €50 mil to fix Kinsale Rd, about €90mil to fix the other two. Then say €60 mil to fix up Dunkettle. Thats €200mil.

Dublins LUAS cost about €750mil. Even if you only built one line, it would cost Cork say €350mil.

The €200mil to sort the roundabouts is a MUCH better investment right now IMO. Do them, then do light rail, then do the North Ring. But doing Light Rail IN CORK CITY would not be as much benefit as fixing up ACCESS TO Cork city for the huge number of commuters, which is what fixing the roundabouts will do.

I fully agree that light rail is needed pretty urgently, but sorting the 3 remaining roundabouts is even more urgent, I think.

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