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Scary stats from the City itself re roads and transport in general.

1) It is considered that a target of 5% of all trips to
work, school and college by cycling is achievable
by 2010. Cork Cycle Strategy, City Plan 2004.

2) From the draft Bishopstown/Wilton Area Action Plan
There is a growing dependence on the usage of the private car in the Plan area. The
Cork Area Strategic Plan (CASP) predicts that without intervention traffic will double in the city within 20 years, peak hour travel speeds to be 8kph (currently 19kph for me) , and travel to work times will increase by 5 times (for me that will mean a 7 mile journey to be just over 3 hours). . Annual growth in traffic volumes are already above that predicted in 2002 by CASP

Results from the 2002 Census showed continued decline in travel by green modes of
transport. Almost half of people in the south-west area travel to work and school /
college by car, resulting in increased problems of congestion, rat-running, parking.
More students and schoolchildren are now being transported by private car than ever
before while there have also been significant increases in car ownership levels.

While in city-wide terms the area is relatively well served by public transport at present only 8% of the people in the plan area use public transport to get to work, school or college.

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