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small point but i flew in to the new terminal last week. I’m told its aer aranns fault ( i hold my hand up there if I am wrong) in that they wont pay for the more expensive parking in front of the new terminal but the plane was parked at the old terminal and we had to walk all the way up to the new one and climb 3 flights of stairs to get in. Escalator anyone? Think of that in the winter in the wind and rain. Welcome to Ireland in the 21st century.

I agree with almost all of the rest of your posts, but I’ll just try to answer this one.

Some of the stands (1-5) in Cork Airport are not capable of accommodating a 737-800 (Ryanair) or A320 (Aer Lingus. These aircraft will consequently end up occupying most of the stands in front of the new terminal. This is especially true in summer when there are charter airlines bringing in even more similarly large aircraft, Because Aer Arann aircraft are able to fit on these stands, they are likely to be put there so that they don’t occupy a stand that could be needed by a larger aircraft.

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