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@a boyle wrote:

yes i do drive , a lot, and have driven all over europe and america.

If you want to see how to do things right skip back on this thread and look at a map of germany and compare it to the map of france. then go and drive in both countries , and then come back and tell me which has worse traffic.

The last time I checked the routd au soleil didn’t pass through Germany.
The French make very significant investments in public transport, Paris has a greater population of 12 million people and most of her traffic problems occur during Summer months when very large portions of Northern Europe and the British Isles decide to drive through France en route to holiday destinations.

As a student I spent a year and a half in Paris and was very impressed by how cheap, comprehensive and efficient the public transport network is. My only issue with the public transport was the fact that workers had a tendency to go on lightening strikes. I once spent half an hour stuck in a metro in the bowels of Paris on a very hot Summer’s day.

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