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a boyle

@Micko wrote:

After just getting home and driving home from the match in Dublin, I am even more against Boyle’s point of view with the road network.

The stretch of road between Cashel and Portlaoise is a disgrace and only a standard motorway/dual carriageway would be sufficient.

if you were in the traffic that we were in coming into Abbeyleix you’d know about it too. And seemingly this is the same situation every Friday too.

You have just reinforced my point about wrong investment. No road will ever be able to cope with all the supporters driving up to dublin. It is not surprising that there was traffic problems on the way back.

What i am saying is that you did not need to be on that road. That a train should have been provided to move the thrity thousand people up to dublin and back home again . That is what trains are good at .

Yes the road is not of good quality. But you and others are confused as to what we need. We need a 2+1 road which is fully seperated from other roads like a motorway. that is more than enough road space. Alongside that we need a direct train link running on the hour direct (no stops or one max at limerick junction) and then another running on the half hour servicing the other stations.

Just because there are too many people on the road at the moment does not mean you should build a motorway. This is for two reasons :
1. car drivers currently have no choice but to drive, since the train stops at so many places that taking it is a waste of time. The bus is even worse because it is held up in every single town. (serious consideration needs to be given to providing a dedicated route through even town and village for buses , it would saves hours.)
2. car owners actually have an incentive to drive as much as possible . The huge amount of vrt , road tax , and high insurance are a once off payment. This has the effect of an all you can eat restaurant. You have no incentive to stop using your car once you have got it because you spent so bloody much on it in the first place.

In NO other part of our lives do we run things so badly.

Putting a motorway between cashel and portaoise is completely pointless for another reason. Cork and Dublin can’t and won’t cope . Firstly both cities have commuter belts , one streches to fermoy/michtlestown , the other to portloaise. So on both dual carriage ways into both cities there is already a good amount of traffic taking up a good amount of space. NOW it has been pointed out that this is not a great thing ,but it is however enevitable, and has happened in all cities.
What that means is that there is only some much space left over for more cars, those going the whole way between the two cities.

NOW it have been argued that this is result of poor planning . But i would say it is just the way thing pan out when you start building motorways.

EVEN if we could reverse it , this is what we would need to do. 2 lane motorway between cashel and portloaise, then 4 lane motorway between portloaise and dublin (for the limerick boys), then the m50 would need at least 6 lanes at certain points. NOW even if we could afford to build such a ring road , the plain fact is that it is pointless because there simple ISN’T the space to let so many cars into the city and there never will.
This is at both ends cork and dublin, as both cities are some thousand years old.

Because of this we have pretty much built as much capacity as our cities can cope with. (that means number of lanes, we could and should build bypasses)

Inside each city we need to focus on freeing up space by booting commuters out of their cars and onto buses that actually work. This will allow more space for those who actually need to use a car, like people doing their groceries, bying furniture, vans , delivery trucks.

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