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@a boyle wrote:

mr angry rebel yesterday you pointed out that dublin has motorways everywhere. Yet dublin has the worst traffic in the country. At which point will you begin to realise that building roads as a means of solving congestion is completely useless, and that other alternatives namely road management (tolling) buses and train are used.

I put it to you than most people on the dublin to cork road are there out of nessecity not choice.

Sigh….no I didn’t. That was this post.

In any case, I don’t agree that Dublin has motorways “everywhere”. It has motorways leading in/out of it on almost all major routes, but they all lead to the M50. That would work quite well if

  • The M50 had 4 lanes each direction
  • There were fully freeflowing junctions at each interchange
  • More people used commuter rail on the n8/M8 corridor
  • More commuter rail options existed on the other main corridors
  • Development had not been allowed to develop all along the M50
  • There was an outer ring road (way way out, so it wouldn’t happen again) so people with no business in Dublin wouldn’t be near or in Dublin (e.g Cork to Belfast traffic and anyone going to Dublin airport from the South/South West
  • There were no tolls slowing traffic (or tolls were levied using freeflow technologies)

Need I go on? The point I’m trying to make is that motorways are not inherently bad, or solely responsible for causing traffic. It’s no surprise that Dublin traffic is bad when you realise all the bullets above do not exist! Motorways relieve traffic if done correctly, but that means, designed right, in the right place, for the right reason, with the correct supporting infrastructure, such as good pubic transport, sustainable planning and development.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen in Ireland, but as a result, people like a boyle seize on them as a bad thing! It doesn’t mean you stop using roads as one of tools to address congestion, and suggesting otherwise (a boyle “building roads…is completely useless”) is blinkered in the extreme.

I’ve said it before…it’s not a case of one or the other, it’s all of the things that we are talking about here over the last n pages. However, saying things like, “replace all motorways with 2+1s and force people onto alternate modes” is just stupid. You have to strike a balance. You need roads and rail for freight, for people who like driving, who aren’t actually going from one major urban centre to another (but to somewhere in between or not near a railway or airport), you need good rail services for moving high volumes of point to point passengers and freight etc etc etc

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