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a boyle

@Thomond Park wrote:

I don’t think there can be any argument on building a DC between Cork & Dublin if the traffic flows are currently 11000 at Cahirp.a. and 15,000 plus close to Portlaoise they will be close to 20,000 per day within 10 years.

I do however feel that the rationale for the N9 and M3 are crocks in comparison

How can you be sure. we have no idea what business these travellers have and where they are going . what fraction say are going to the city centre ? what fraction are tranporting goods.

All we can say is that some 15000 people move between cork and dublin each day. These people have no choice but to travel by road.

Would they drive if the train took half the time ? As minister he gets to decide what service to provide. He does not have to respond to demand , but can decide what the demand will be.

The question is what is the right balance. Thomond why build a motorway when you know as well as i do that the naas road is chock a block . All the improvements going into the m50 and the naas road will only keep the situation from deteriorating not improve it.

I accept that roundabout are not ideal , so fine don’t build them.
I accept that i am mistaken regarding the subsidy for flying.

But it still does not change the main idea of my arguement .

It is a waste of time and energy to accomodate 20000 thousand people on a dual carriageway from cork to dublin , when there is no room to accomodate these cars on arrival.

You should only build for what you can cope with .

If a two + one road can only cope with 6500 and more are going to try to use it , then toll it till they don’t.

build them something else like a train or a hugely improved bus service.

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