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Angry Rebel

Yes. You see I’m willing to obtain facts instead of making them up. For June 2006

Mitchelstown 14k per day
New Inn 11k per day
Urlingford 12k per day
Abbeyleix 14k per day

2+1 or standard roads not a lot of good when a good proportion of those (above) are:
1 – tractors doing 25km/h
2 – muppets who want to do 70km/h and won’t pull over to let people past
3 – trucks who can’t/shouldn’t be doing more than 80km/h.

The NRA indicate that a standard 2 lane road (which you are in effect proposing, just that it will have periodic overtaking opportunities) has capacity for only 6,500 cars per day.

A dual carriageway provides capacity for 34,600. That is good future proofing.

Your example of the M50 is useless as it’s is not a relevant comparison to a major interurban motorway. The M50 did not have sufficient capacity for the traffic using it, and Dublin’s planners made it worse by situating so much development along it and instead of fully freeflowing interchanges by using your favoured means of joining roads…roundabouts! Where does your 10% figure come from? To suggest the “motorway concept” has failed based on the M50 is laughable.

“300 400 500 euro”. Yippeeeee. Let’s pluck a random number out of the air!!! There is NO SUBSIDY on the Cork -Dublin route.

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