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@a boyle wrote:

there is no difference between them (almost). It has to do with designation. dual carriage ways can accomodate farming equipment. Not a big deal. Motorways also have to follow very strict criteria which are considerably looser for dual carriage ways.

I’d rather do 120km/h than 100km/h!! That’s where the impact on the travelling public is. Dual carriageways should not be allowed have farm equipment on them, so many of them use a lane rather than the hard shoulder and are very dangerous. In 99% of the cases where there is a dual carriageway, there is also an alternative route which was fine for agri machinery before the DC was built (eg. every dual carriageway out of Cork city).

I realise there are different design criteria for motorways, which is as it should be, as doing 120km/h requires better sight lines etc and a whole load of other fac tors…..but my point is why didn’t they design and build it as a motorway?

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