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A Boyle, do you ever look at facts before starting your rant.

Facts, Cork City and Limerick City both declined in population during the period 2002 to 2006. Dublin City grew by just 2%. Galway grew by 9%.

Does this mean that Galway’s growth is outpacing the rest of the country?
Look again at the facts. Areas around Cork, Dublin and Limerick are growing by ridiculous amounts, in someplaces by up to 30%. The population of Co. Cork grew to just under half a million in this census with a growth rate of over 11%. The Dublin region grew by just 5.6%.

Surely a growth rate such as this undermines a need for a metro in Dublin???

Now let’s take your point that Cork and Limerick are in perpetual decline similar to Detroit. Once again I presume you didn’t take a close look at the figures, just the summary headlines.

If you look at page 11 on the CSO Report you will see a paragraph that states that decline in population in areas such as Cork, Waterford and Dublin is attributed to “a combination of factors including adult children leaving the family home, urban renewal schemes and regeneration projecs involving the demolition of older housing. In addition many of the infill developments in city areas consisted of apartment blocks in which individual units catered for only one or two persons”.

Other factors cited are “relatively low level of new housing and an ageing population”.

So what we are seeing in the traditional city areas are changing demographics. Traditional working class areas are experiencing steady population decline due to an ageing population, children leaving the family home, and smaller family units.

Ballinlough has seen a population decline of 51%. Hmmm, why is that. Obviously terminal decline of a city… no, in fact this represents students leaving a traditional student area to live in accomodation provided by colleges.

Blackpool – 27%… maybe the fact that the whole of Blackpool is a construction site has something to do with this.

Togher – 17%… ageing working class area, children moving on.

However, if we look at the towns surrounding Cork, for example Midleton, Carrigaline, Douglas, Ballincollig, etc,
we see growth rates of approximately 15%, in towns that are alreay quite populous. So are the inhabitants of this town partaking of too much viagra leading to huge baby booms, well I’m sure that quite a few of these new inhabitants are from Ballinlough, Togher, and Blackpool.

Probably best to just look at the summary headline and reach conclusions though.

Please move on to a new topic A Boyle, you are a very tiresome contributor.

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