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Angry Rebel

@ a boyle wrote:

Well if you open it up in stages then surely your are defeating the purpose of building in one go? are we not building in stages ?

No…you don’t. Having a reduced number of very large contractors doing fewer schemes:

    brings economies of scale to the project which could reduce costs and build times

    allows for better coordination e.g the “new” Cashel bypass currently being torn up at the Cork end only shortly after being finished to tie in the new Cashel/Mitchelstown scheme.

Regarding the buses, airports and most of your other contributions, I’m going to mirror Thomond and just agree to disagree. I think you’re wrong on many of your ideas. You think you’re right. Not the end of the world.

In case you lose the plot completely and come after me, I’m not anti bus and I think you’re right on buses being a quick win and easy solution, especially as rail planning takes even longer than most major transport infrastructure. Cork needs and deserves a better bus system. What form that takes and how it’s delivered is the rub.

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