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I have to do a project named place making
Actually its a project to bring human activities to a dead space.
The provided site is a religious monument which is now acting as a traffic island cause a road run round the site.
The first problem of the project was to provide a way to pedestrian whic I solved by changing some traffic routes and provinding a pedestrian path to connect the site.
Now the second problem I am facing is how to provide a reason to the people to visit the site.
The site is religiously important to some group of people so its now being a target to only those people for others its dead.
Since the site is on the major part of the city and monumental zone, its should be able to attract the rest of the people.
I just dont want to create a market space since its very near to a popular commercial zone.
Can any one suggest how I can attract people to my site.
Something innovative!

Have you considered faking a miracle along the lines of the famous moving statue which put Ballinspittle on the map

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