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Pre-treated copper really has become the new polished granite hasn’t it? A nice material, but really, what a cliche…

All this development is quite astonishing, and some of it unfortunately for the wrong reasons. Fully agreed about that latter yoke – truly hideous. To borrow an F Mc Dism it is yet another barracks-like scheme.
Busy busy busy, it’s just like one of many childish multi-coloured schemes that went up in Britan 15 years ago now, but with the obligatory ‘contemporary’ addition of ‘natural’ materials of timber and crappy limestone cladding to appease the planners and imbue the development with a supposed fashionable allure.

And yet again, the use of prefab window panels in 2005, yet alone in a residential development is nothing short of astounding!
It is truly awful, flat blank facades with top-hung casements sticking their ugly heads out – is there anything more disgusting in apartment design?

The first scheme is nice alright – it addresses the street by proudly facing outwards, rather than just built to contain x amount of units internally. And the ground floor provides a well-proportioned and finished base for the building as a whole.

The whole charm of this area stems from the Georgian remnants all about the place – used to love passing through this area (before the M50 opened :() and seeing glimpses of Georgian doorways in the midst of railed off sites and billboards, or a sash or two or a length of railing in front of a breeze blocked-up door – all suggesting what once was.
Every effort should be made to integrate in a sympathetic fashion the older houses of the area into new development, which is why it’s such a pity about the above monster facing that brown-stocked Georgian.
One of the advantages of all the derelict sites was that you could appreciate the remaining houses, especially the one above, which you used to be able to approach in full view for quite a distance. It’s still somewhat possible even with that yoke across the road, but the contrast is as cruel as it is ugly.

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