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Agreed about the Sheehan & Barry scheme. I wonder if the difference is in their familiarity with conservation work and thus appreciation for historic buildings and urban fabric? The practice was responsible in the recent past for, among others, the renovation of Newman House on St Stephen’s Green and Stackallan House in Meath (and the slightly more controversial refurb of University Lodge in UCD, the President’s house- controversial because Hugh Brady decided to spend over 1 million euros doing it up at a time when the college library budgets were being slashed, journal subscriptions terminated etc. I’m not faulting S&B- they had a budget and worked with it. But don’t let me get started on President Brady and his ‘vision’…:mad: ).
Nice also to see Newmarket finally getting some tlc- it’s been a warehouse and document storage wasteland, not to mention a joyriders’ paradise, for too long now. Though I suppose if residents move in it will spell the end of 3am frisbee sessions after carousing in Grey’s pub…:(

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