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A link posted elsewhere on the forum recently ( gives information about the development mentioned earlier in the thread at the southeast corner of Ardee Street and the Coombe bypass (by Sheehan & Barry Architects) incorporating the Georgian Brewer’s house, No. 10 Ardee Street (which is one of the finest old houses in the Liberties) and encompassing a whole block (Ardee Street, Coombe Bypass, Newmarket & Brabazon Row): – Just looking at the images, you can see that it is a carefully-considered development. The traditional fine grain is maintained around the Georgian house and its associated buildings, and the higher buildings are established away from these, at the eastern end of the bypass frontage. A green space is provided in the courtyard.



There is also information about the seven-storey monster (also covered on the previous page in this thread): – KMD Architecture are the designers.

Just as the Georgian wallpaper of the Zoe apartment schemes and other mediocre tax-driven renewal schemes are now seen as mistakes of the ‘90s, I think this building and a number of others in the city centre (the enormous bulky development at the corner of Capel Street and Mary’s Abbey would be another) are going to be seen as the mistakes of the ‘00s, where the trend was to squeeze as much as possible onto the site and cynically disguise the bulk with “contemporary” features and finishes.

I can see what happened here: they went for seven stories over the whole bypass frontage to ‘insure’ themselves, thinking they would probably lose a floor or two in planning – especially at the Ardee Street end where it interfaces with the protected Georgian House – but would still get a big building. But the idiot Dublin City Council planner granted the whole thing exactly as presented!! The care taken by the above-mentioned Sheehan & Barry development has been rendered almost meaningless by this monster!

If anyone thinks I am being OTT, go over there and have a look for yourself (or if you’re not in Dublin, see it next time you’re here). As Graham said, it looks even worse in real life (than in the pictures) and dominates the whole area in a horrible way. This is the last time I’m talking about this building because I’m so annoyed about it. My last word is: shame on you KMD for proposing and getting passed what will be a permanent blot in the area, one which had a special character and needed a careful response. The architect has a responsibility to the city and not just to push through the biggest possible development for the client.

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