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I think Frank is right- you’re probably thinking of Dolphin House flats.
I used to live right beside St Teresa’s Gardens, and I wouldn’t recommend paying them a visit. When we had bikes nicked by the local kids or broken car wing-mirrors thrown through upstairs bedroom windows and gave chase to the culprits, they’d hide just inside the entrance to the complex and throw rocks at us from their stockpile. Yes, it was no casual rock fight- they actually had their ammo ready for the off. (Obviously, the usual proviso about most of the locals being decent, honest people applies here, the troublemakers being a small minority etc.)
I have some sympathy for them, given the then total lack of facilities in the area (a fine community centre opened about a year ago – by Henchion and Reuter? Can’t rightly remember – though it too has had more than a few windows smashed), and the number of kids hanging around was noticeably higher in summer when school was out. Also, it can’t be easy seeing your traditional working class area being taken over by trendy young couples with SUVs and designer babies, with your only option being to move 20 or 30 miles away from the area your family has lived in for generations.
Lastly: once, when two bikes (locked together) were nicked from our front garden but quickly recovered by us, a motorist mysteriously turned up as we were disentangling them and gave us the names of the thieves (he’d seen them around the corner). All a bit “Truman Show”, if you follow. I get the feeling that it’s not the Guards that are the first line of defence in some parts of town…

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