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Yes – the brazen height of it is the worst element. There’s a lot more apartments going up too further down, a mix in quality.

I found it interesting that out of all development in the area, despite the negative associations St Theresa’s Gardens is one of the most attractive residential schemes you came come across in Dublin, made up of rows and rows of elegant wine-red blocks geometrically sited on green lawns flanking the canal – all marching into the distance.

I’ve passed this development for many years now and have always admired it, though admittedly never been inside – must go in some time.
What is striking is how exclusive and po-faced this scheme could be in the hands of a developer, even with the same architecture – ‘waterside setting’ ‘nestling on a mature site’ ‘manicured lawns and walks’ ‘tens minutes from the city centre’ etc etc.

The ranks of imposing chimneys are most impressive – I think they used to be brick but were renderded over when the de-steeling and PVC era swept in about 5-7 years ago 🙁
There’s an interesting skyline of little hump-backed plant rooms etc too – always wondered what these are…

Anyone have thoughts or info on this scheme?

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