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The monster building looks even worse in real life

I wasn’t around when it went through planning. I was off working in another part of the country. I’d definitely have had a go at it if I was (fume!).

We’d better not scoff, though, too much at the use of copper. Architects are (often) under pressure from developers to get a big monster through, so they’re doing everything they can do to try’n break the thing up and make it look ‘attractive’…The answer to this problem is these ‘Framework Area Plans’ which the council have been producing lately. They contain objectives for specific sites that might be developed, saying what kind of a building is needed. The problem with the Coombe area was that there was no such Plan to guide these developments when they came in. So as Mob79 said, the new buildings are “totally disjointed and broken up, no flow to the street, just random buildings shouting out”.

Edit: Though that’s not to excuse the planner who passed the above 7-storey yoke; – he/she should be shot; as should the manager who signed the decision!

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